Rare Las Vegas Snow ❄️

Las Vegas Snow!

I was at home on Friday, February 23, 2018 deciding where I could take my cameras for the day when I saw the news reporting we had snow falling on the West side of the valley. We rarely see snow in the valley so I grabbed my cameras and drove out to the Red Rock Canyon overlook.  


Scenes from Downtown Las Vegas at Sunset

We went out for dinner at Therapy, a favorite Downtown Las Vegas restaurant, then walked around enjoying the sunset before heading home.  


Street Photography | New York City

My favorite exercise is walking around with a camera in hand and New York City is my favorite place to shoot street photography.  These are a few of my favorites from my trip in September, 2017.

D*Face Murals in Las Vegas

D*Face has been commissioned by the Life is Beautiful Festival on several occasions to paint murals around Downtown Las Vegas.  They are some of my favorites and I visit the ones that remain often.

Foo Fighters | NYE 2017, Las Vegas

Lucky Me!  I ended up with a ticket to celebrate New Year's Eve with the Foo Fighters in Las Vegas and though I am retired from professional concert photography, the venue said cameras ARE allowed if they don't have a detachable lens.  That meant my Fuji X100F, my favorite little camera, could be my date to the show!  

I snapped a few photos during the show but spent most of the time bouncing around the venue because the Chelsea has a floor that bounces with the crowd!  You have to experience it to understand how much the Chelsea literally rocks.  Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands and it was a New Year's Eve to remember!  

Skateboarding | 48 Years Young

My husband, Joe Wiehl, at 48 years young, continues to live the skater lifestyle.  These are some of my favorite photographs of him at the skateparks over the past few years.  We take a lot of Skatecations!  

Concert Photography

Concert Photography by Karen Wiehl

A collection of some of my favorite photographs I have taken through the years I worked as a professional concert photographer . . .

Street Photography | Las Vegas

Street Photography | Las Vegas

Shooting street photography is very much like shooting concerts, because it's unpredictable and I can't control anything but my camera settings.  Las Vegas is a great location for street photography, my favorite location being the East Fremont area of Downtown.  

Eduardo Kobra Mural | New York City

The Kiss Mural by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, was my favorite part of walking the Highline in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood during my first trip to New York in April, 2015.  It was a colorful interpretation of the iconic photograph VJ Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, made famous by LIFE Magazine.  I'm referring to it in past tense because sadly when I visited New York in September, 2017, the entire building had been razed and a new building was under construction on the site.  I was sad at the sight of this scene without the beautiful mural, but thankful I was able to see it and photograph it before it disappeared.  


Shot with a FujiX100t in April, 2015.  

Las Vegas Murals & my Vintage Polaroid 250

Vintage Polaroid 250 and Fuji FP100-C Film

I have several vintage polaroids, but my 50+ year old Polaroid 250 is my favorite because it uses peel apart film.  I try not to think about how the film is discontinued and soon I won't be able to use the camera anymore, I have a stock of film in my fridge and my favorite camera store still has some available.  It's going fast though and I know this year is probably the end of my Polaroid 250 experience (unless someone resurrects the film like all the other polaroid films, fingers crossed!)  This gallery includes some photos I took downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.