Hi, I'm Karen Wiehl . . .

I have loved photography and music since I was a child and concert photography was a natural combination of my two passions.  After being disconnected from photography for years, I was inspired to pick up a camera again through my husband’s love of music.  The love for photography took over my life, starting with documenting my husband’s bands, other local Las Vegas bands, and rather quickly I was being hired to photograph iconic rock bands.

Getting paid to photograph concerts was a dream come true and I spent many years chasing that dream at night while working days at a law firm.  Today, I am no longer accepting assignments as a concert photographer, but I will always be a photographer and love the art of photography.

I want to be prepared when inspiration comes to me so I’m never without a camera or three.  One of my favorite things to do is hit the streets with my camera.  I love photographing buildings, murals, and people I cross paths with wherever I find myself.  Street photography is much like concert photography, I have zero control over what I'll see, I walk the streets, waiting for my next photograph to appear.  I don’t have to plan anything, I don’t need anyone else to go with me.    

One of my favorite photographers, Mary Ellen Mark, said “Photograph the world as it is. Nothing’s more interesting than reality.”  I really connect with that philosophy.